Home Security Fits Any Lifestyle With ADT Pulse

Home security fits any lifestyle with ADT Pulse, which is the newest generation in wireless alarm systems. This is where technology really has changed the home alarm system, with wireless features. This is a home security system that can stay connected with the homeowner by email alerts and it is possible for the owner to be interactive with the system. This is a perfect system for many types of lifestyles, including the family that has an older member living on their own, but feel they need to watch closely. With this system installed in the older adults home the child can monitor the home, with motion detectors installed if there is not activity in a room at the time it normally is an email can be sent to the child. Parents with teens or older children that come home before them can set the home security system to email them when the door opens. This takes all the stress out of waiting for children to call work, because the parent knows when they open the door. Today that is important when the children come home from school before parents are out of work.

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ADT Pulse

One of the other parts of this system that fits any lifestyle, even the person that travels a lot for business or pleasure and worries about their residence, can now see what is going on. Cameras are a part of this system and can be seen and controlled to get updates on a cell phone or computer.

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This home security system has all of the other features to protect the house and the family, like the alarm that will go off and when triggered alert the monitoring center if there is an attempted break-in. The features that protect the family from smoke and fire can still sound an alarm twenty-four hours a day and contact the monitoring center representative that will send the fire department. Carbon monoxide monitoring is another lifesaving feature with the security system that will help protect the family from the clear and odorless gas that is deadly.

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Home security is important for every residence with the figures for home break-ins that are estimated to occur every 15 seconds in this country. These are not just estimates from big cities; they are from cities, towns, suburbs and rural areas. The ADT Pulse home security system has advantages for the person that works, for the family that wants to keep an eye on an older family member who still wants to live on their own, without being there 24 hours a day. Technology has really changed alarm systems for the better when it involves protecting the family, plus there is the advantage of the system using a cell phone to call the monitoring center when the alarm is triggered. That means there is no need for a hardwired home telephone, which is something a lot of people are deciding they don't need. Home security is important and there are features to make life safer, more secure and easier.

ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions

Using wireless technology and online connectivity, ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions puts you in the driver's seat so you can control your home security system on the go. Smartphones give you the ability to do lots of practical things to make your life easier - check traffic, find the nearest gas station and now, run a mobile command center for your home security system.

ADT's Customer Monitoring Centers keep track of what goes on at your home. If your alarm goes off, the network receives notification and a dispatch operator contacts you to confirm an emergency has taken place. With ADT Pulse, a similar sequence of events occurs. If someone enters your passcode into the keypad or the motion detector registers unwanted activity and sets off the alarm, you'll receive notification by email or text message.

Discover how home alarm technology takes your system to the next level with ADT Pulse.

ADT Pulse

The benefits of mobility

What can you do with ADT Pulse and how does it make your daily activities and managing your home security more convenient? With ADT Pulse, you can

Control your security system remotely using mobile devices including smartphones, iPads and computers.

Arm your system at the office after everyone has left the house for the day.

Wireless security With ADT Pulse

  • ADT Pulse offers a perfect fit for the increasingly wireless lifestyle of the typical homeowner, thanks to its mobile access capabilities. Smartphone apps for ADT Pulse are available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android users.

  • Another ADT monitoring feature, Safewatch CellGuard, also matches up well with the growing presence of cellphones. CellGuard provides a cellular connection to the ADT monitoring network using signals from cell towers instead of a landline telephone.

  • Together, ADT Pulse and CellGuard help you secure your home and family with no wires attached.

  • Get high-tech home security and the ability to control it on your terms.

  • Call now to speak to a security representative about ADT Pulse.

Wireless security

Other features and benefits of ADT Pulse

  • Some ADT Pulse options also include surveillance cameras and home automation features for a comprehensive secure home/smart home experience.

  • Disarm your system and unlock the front door remotely on the days when you want to get a load of groceries – or a load of kids – inside the house quickly.

  • Program the lights to come on before you get home with the optional lamp module feature, so that you never have to enter a darkened house.

  • Save money on energy by programming your thermostat and lights to turn on and off at certain times.

  • Visually monitor areas of your home using an optional wireless security camera.

  • Get high-tech home security and the ability to control it on your terms. Call now to speak to a security representative about ADT Pulse.

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